Comprehensive IT Service & Support

How is your business prepared for the future? Raptor IT Consultants LLC specializes in tailoring one stop solutions for on-premises, hybrid on-premises/cloud, and full cloud business network models at competitive rates, with satisfaction guaranteed. Our computer networking technical experts provide detailed insight into your network utilizing leading technology to resolve problems before they become disasters.

Manage access and monitor traffic to create a safe and productive work environment for employees and visitors without the hassle of coordinating technology services from multiple vendors, let us handle the IT while you handle business.

Call us now to find out how easy and cost-effective it is to let Raptor IT Consultants manage your business technology services securely, with seamless access from anywhere on the planet.


How is your network protected from the latest threats? How will you recover from an intrusion or worse, a data-breach? We utilize leading intrusion analysis, detection, and removal methods to secure your network from the gateway to the end user. Working with software vendors to renew antivirus licensing and with end-users to make sure they have the most current software installed, licensed, and running, Raptor IT Consultants guarantees your network is protected with a one stop approach towards security and support at affordable rates with experts you can count on.

Asset Monitoring & Alerting

Actively monitoring technical support issues as they arise, troubleshooting as needed, and empowering your network with automated malicious software reporting and removal tools, we'll ensure your network is operating efficiently, 24 hours a day. Leveraging the latest technology to analyze, diagnose, and repair any network related issue, our engineers have a one stop approach to managing your network and responding to issues as they arise. Don't wait for issues to affect your users, let our experts mitigate downtime through a proactive, one stop approach to IT management and support.

Encrypted Cloud Backups

Having a reliable, secure, local, and cloud backup are one of the most critical and cost-effective strategies in any business environment. Anti-virus isn't bulletproof and end users makes mistakes. Is all your data backed up? How often and where? What is the plan if that fails? Are your cloud backups secured with AES 256-bit encryption? These critical questions, in any business model, could make a potentially costly difference. Get piece of mind in any industry with a disaster recovery plan from our dependable tech support staff, tailored to your business needs at affordable rates.

Spam Email Filtering

Mitigate potential email threats by filtering incoming/outgoing email transactions with our seamlessly integrated system management portal. Leverage powerful tools to search, analyze, and centrally manage your companies emails; or give end-users the tools they need to manage their own email effectively, so they don't miss important emails, and can automatically filter out unwanted email traffic before it hits their mailbox. Reducing the risk for exposure to liabilities that lead to unnecessary downtime (increasing the cost of doing business) is a critical component in creating a sustainable network that operates efficiently for everyone.

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